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Our Story

  • Locally sourced produce
  • Wild Clover Confit Lamb Shoulder

Past to Present

Every establishment has a unique story. Ours is inspired by the rich history of this very space. In decades gone by, one of Sydney’s finest butchers, the Silvester Brothers, served up local cuts from within these walls. Today, we honour their commitment to fresh food by sourcing quality ingredients brought to the table as dishes that capture our own signature style.

Fresh and Intriguingly Global

From the finest, hand-selected cuts from our friends at Andrews Meat and sustainably grown heirloom vegetables courtesy of the Grima Brothers’ farm to Westmont pickles and South Australian cheeses from the good folks at Fino Foods. The freshest produced are infused with an intriguing fusion of global techniques and flavours by our Michelin Star-experienced French chef.

  • Sourced from our local producers
  • Sourced from our local producers
  • Darling Downs Grainge beef eye fillet

Immersive Dining Experience

More than just a visit, our immersive dining experience invites you to watch our talented chefs prepare dishes at their dedicated stations, where you can follow the food journey from the beginning through to the enjoyment of the very first bite.

Chef de Cuisine

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Our extraordinary French Chef de Cuisine, Raphael Szurek, was trained under renowned Lyonnais chef Paul Bocuse himself. Raphael further mastered his craft across innumerable restaurants across Europe and Asia (including Michelin Starred ones), picking up and fusing global techniques and flavours into his
uniquely signature style. 

Raphael is also a stellar food stylist and photographer, as well as being trained in both classical and jazz music. He brings this creativity, structure, and improvisational skill to his recipes, techniques, and presentation alike.

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