Vegetarian Truffle Dinner | 5 Courses

The dreams of vegetarians everywhere have been realized: A 5 Course Vegetarian Truffle Dinner is coming to Sydney. Using the freshest of Australian produce and Michelin Star-experienced Raphael Szurek’s French techniques, the dinner will elevate everyday vegetarian staples into extraordinary truffle-infused-and-garnished dishes. Each course is a delectable showcase of some of the most prominent vegetarian food products and ingredients.

From truffle paste, to truffle brioche, to truffle ice cream, this dinner will be a unique opportunity to experience the versatility of the incredibly flavourful Tasmanian truffle from a new perspective.

Slow-cooked mushrooms with a truffle paste and fermented leeks will be the perfect opener. Truffle brioche with artichokes velouté will certainly turn heads. Potatoes with truffle cream will be the opening act. Salt-baked celeriac with a truffle jus will steal the show, but truffle ice cream with turnip cake and chocolate will be an absolute showstopper.

MUSHROOM Truffle paste + slow cooked mushrooms + fermented leeks
ARTICHOKE Truffle brioche + artichokes velouté
POTATO Truffle cream + “pommes boulangeres”
CELERIAC Truffle jus + salt baked celeriac + burned celeriac + verjus
TURNIP Truffle ice cream + turnip cake + chocolate

$150 incl sparkling wine on arrival.

Select either 28 July or 4 Aug – In the booking notes mention ‘Vegetarian Truffle Dinner’

OR call (02) 9259 7330

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